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Chamber Choir

The Chamber Choir is the flagship choir of the Alabama Choir School's four choirs. This group of extraordinary high school musicians sing the finest in choral literature for mixed voices. Many members of this choir have come through the ranks of the Alabama Choir School with ten years or more of singing experience in the younger choirs. In the spring semester each year, they travel to perform in and explore different cities around North America, Europe, and even Asia. In addition to performing in local schools and nursing homes, the Chamber Choir is featured each December in the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra's Family Christmas Concert, and is always a major part of the Alabama Choir School's Winter and Spring Concerts at the University of Alabama School of Music's Moody Concert Hall with the other ACS choirs. The Chamber Choir rehearses once a week on Wednesday afternoons from 4:15-6:00 PM and is taught by Mr. and Mrs. Procter, Mrs. Leah Durham, and Dr. Taranto. 

~ Christie

"It's like weekly therapy... they can escape the pressures of daily life and make beautiful music with friends."

The Chamber Choir has toured the world.
All that's missing is YOU!!!

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