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Concert Choir


The Concert Choir for gifted boys and girls in grades four and five is the intermediate choir for the two touring choirs, the Ambassador and Chamber Choirs. Meeting once a week on Tuesdays from 4:30-6:00 PM. These singers focus on learning more advanced, three-part music, singing in different languages and styles, and building a team. Mrs. Leah Durham is their conductor/teacher, with assistance from Mrs. Sarah Vander Wal, and Dr. Steven Taranto. This intermediate-level choir sings often for local events and also participates with the four Alabama Choir School choirs in the school's winter and spring concerts at the University of Alabama School of Music's Moody Concert Hall each December and May.

Mrs. Leah Durham working with members of the Concert Choir at the 2023 Spring Concert at the University of Alabama's Moody Concert Hall.

"The Alabama Choir School provides top-notch music education through high quality instructors at every level, all with a personal touch for each singer.”

~ Jennifer

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